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The MET Program

When people ask me about the MET program, I describe it as the best professional development you can participate in. The program is 100% online, which affords much flexibility to students who work full-time as teachers.  Interestingly, some students in the MET program are not teachers in the traditional sense. Working and learning alongside people who have different professional backgrounds allows many perspectives to be shared and acknowledged, which adds to the richness and depth of the program.  Furthermore, being able to collaborate with students from several different countries allows educational technology to be learned about and discussed through the lens of culture, ecology, economics, and religion, to name a few.  Completing group projects with students from all over the world results in learning that is relevant as it allows students to make connections that would otherwise not be made.  The courses offered are varied and personal research interests may be integrated into many of the assignments and projects.  The MET program is constructivist in nature, and as such, it encourages collaboration.  I have often caught myself thinking that I would love to teach in a school with all of my MET classmates!

To learn more about the MET program, please visit the program website: