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Philosophy of Educational Technology

COURSE:  ETEC 511 (Core Course), Foundations of Educational Technology, Course Description


TITLE:  Philosophy of Educational Technology


To clearly articulate my philosophy of educational technology.  To communicate what I believe about education, people, media and technology. To represent my philosophy of educational technology as a concept map to illustrate the elements of my philosophy and how they relate to each other.


I wrote my philosophy of educational technology one year into the MET program and I believe that was perfect timing.  I had 3 courses and another year of teaching under my belt which helped me to articulate my thoughts about learning and teaching in the digital age.  Looking back on this assignment, I can honestly say that my philosophy has not changed.  Re-reading what I wrote has affirmed that I am truly passionate about Universal Design for Learning and that UDL is what guides me in my teaching.  This is evidenced by other assignments I undertook over the last two years in the program as I frequently related the topic I was studying to UDL.  For example, in ETEC 500, I wrote a literature review and research proposal on the topic of integrating SMART Board technology into classroom practice with the principles of UDL and in ETEC 532, I wrote a research paper on the use of electronic portfolios in elementary and middle school settings to enable multiple means of representation of student work.


Download .pdf version:  Philosophy of Educational Technology – Camille Maydonik 

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