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Student Use of Electronic Portfolios

COURSE:  ETEC 532 (Elective Course), Technology in the Arts and Humanities Classroom, Course Description


TITLE:  Student Use of Electronic Portfolios


To choose a topic that critically examines the use of technology in the arts and humanities.  To propose a new vision of integrating technology in my teaching context.


In keeping with my interests in UDL, I wrote this paper about the use of electronic portfolios in elementary school to enable multiple means of representation of student work, in order to address how technology is integrated in my teaching context, challenges and barriers to change in my context regarding the use of technology, and how these challenges and barriers could be addressed.  Since the 2009-2010 school year, I have enrolled my grade one students in the classroom shell that I created in the Learning Management System my school board uses, Desire to Learn (D2L). The purpose of this shell is to post classroom newsevents, high frequency word lists, links to educational websites and photos of our learning. As a class, we access our D2L shell at school using the SMART Board.  Through my trials using D2L with my class, I developed an interest in integrating the EP tool in D2L into my teaching practice. Using this tool would fulfill the principles of UDL and, as a tool that would personalize learning, students would have the ability to create and represent their own content and self-regulate their learning.

Researching and writing this paper was a valuable experience for me as I became more familiar with electronic portfolios and how to create them with the tools at my disposal in my teaching context.  This research also allowed me to become familiar with Dr. Helen Barrett’s research and work around electronic portfolios.  Next year I will be teaching at a different school with older students (grades 5,6, 7) and it is my intention to have students create electronic portfolios in order to represent their learning.


Download .pdf version:  Student Use of Electronic Portfolios – Camille Maydonik 


Dr. Helen Barrett’s Electronic Portfolios. Retrieved from


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