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Research Proposal

COURSE:  ETEC 500 (Core Course), Research Methodologies in Education, Course Description  


TITLE:  Research Proposal


To provide a detailed plan for how I would conduct a research study based on my Literature Review.


Following my review of the literature, I proposed an action research that would reveal if the use of SMART Board technology is more or less beneficial than traditional literacy center activities to meet the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in a grade one program. At the time of writing the proposal, I had approximately one year of experience with the SMART Board in my classroom.  Through my trials of using this tool, I developed an interest in how I could best integrate the SMART Board into my literacy center design in order to fulfill the principles of UDL.  The research question that this action research proposed to answer is: “Does using the SMART Board to implement UDL principles in classroom practice support student learning?”

Although I did not formally carry out the action research proposed, I can say that I gained proficiency in preparing a research proposal.  Furthermore, because I wrote the research proposal based on my teaching context, it made me very aware and intentional throughout the school year as I planned literacy center activities for my students, both with and without the SMART Board.  Through this process, I gained a better understanding of how to select appropriate tools (tech. and non tech. alike) to support student learning in providing a more flexible learning environment.


Download .pdf version:  Research Proposal – Camille Maydonik 

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