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Literature Review

COURSE:  ETEC 500 (Core Course), Research Methodologies in Education, Course Description  


TITLE:  Literature Review


To prepare a critical review of research literature on a researchable educational problem or issue in order to support my Research Proposal.


The purpose of my literature review was to develop an understanding of the use of SMART Boards in order to understand if this technology can assist educators in designing lessons and activities in a UDL classroom. There is very little current research that addresses specifically both SMART Boards and UDL, therefore, I chose to review research literature from both topics in order to identify common themes between the two. The literature review summarized, analyzed and critiqued pertinent research articles, beginning with UDL and then transitioning to SMART Boards. A synthesis of common themes across the chosen research articles followed and the conclusion of the literature review identified areas for further research.  From the literature reviewed, I concluded that the use of a SMART Board can contribute positively to a digital learning environment focused on inclusion. This led me to develop a research proposal to address how teachers could best integrate the SMART Board into literacy center design in order to fulfill the principles of UDL.

The literature review allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of UDL as I researched a specific technology as well as an opportunity to hone my research skills as I searched the databases for relevant articles.  ETEC 500 was also an important class in that I learned how to present my findings properly in APA format, which greatly assisted with future assignments.


Download .pdf version:  Literature Review – Camille Maydonik 


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