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Visual Representation

COURSE:  ETEC 532 (Elective Course), Technology in the Arts and Humanities Classroom, Course Description


TITLE:  Visual Representation


To create a visual representation of what and how I learned in ETEC 532.


This assignment challenged me to create a visual representation that illuminates how technology ought to be integrated in the arts and humanities classroom.  In my final paper for this course, I talked about the student use of electronic portfolios to enable multiple means of representation of student work. Therefore, for my visual representation, I wanted to use a tool that could be embedded in an electronic portfolio to illustrate how web applications and tools can be used to represent learning.  For my visual representation, I used capzles, to create a timeline and representation of my learning in ETEC 532.


Click the word capzles on the bottom left of the embedded object in order to view full screen.  Once in full screen mode, click on the first image and then click “show details” in order to read my short reflection pieces.





UDL Guidelines:

  • 5.1 Use multiple media for communication
  • 5.2 Use multiple tools for construction and composition

capzles is a tool that students could use to create timelines or digital stories.  Next year, I will be teaching grades 5 & 6 humanities, and I intend to introduce this tool to my students to provide an option for action and expression.

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