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Learning Technologies Selection: Design and Application Weblog

COURSE:  ETEC 565 (Elective Course), Learning Technologies: Selection, Design and Application, Course Description

TYPE OF ASSIGNMENT:  Individual Weblog

TITLE:  Learning Technologies Selection: Design and Application Weblog


To complete a modular ePortfolio in order to demonstrate educational development, educational technology competence, and critical thinking skills informed by materials (tools, frameworks, technologies) studied in the course.


The creation of my Design and Application Weblog allowed me to document my progress and reflections throughout ETEC 565.  This was my first blogging experience and it inspired me to continue to maintain a professional weblog,  The main focus of my ETEC 565 weblog was to document my progression through the creation of an online course that I built using moodle and is organized into 7 components:

  1. Assessment Tools
  2. Communication Tools
  3. Digital Story
  4. Flight Path
  5. LMS (moodle course)
  6. Multimedia Inventory
  7. Synthesis Reflection

Early on in ETEC 565, we were introduced to the SECTIONS model (Bates & Poole, 2003); an excellent framework for anybody involved in instructional design, whether or not technology is involved.  This framework proved to not only be very useful in ETEC 565 as I engaged in design activities, it also guided many of my other assignments in the MET program.  Another resource that has guided me as a graduate student and teacher is the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).  Since being introduced to these standards early on in the program, they have and continue to guide my Teacher Professional Growth Plan (TPGP).


Learning Technologies Selection: Design and Application Weblog



UDL Guidelines:

  • 6.1 Guide appropriate goal-setting
  • 6.2 Support planning and strategy development
  • 6.3 Facilitate managing information and resources
  • 6.4 Enhance capacity for monitoring progress

Weblogs as a tool meet many of the UDL Guidelines.  That being said, I would like to focus on guideline 6: Provide options for executive functions, and the sub-guidelines in the context of blogging.  The ETEC 565 weblog had very specific expectations in terms of the pages and reflections it needed to contain. Although most weblogs may not be as structured as this, when blogging with students for the first time, I would most likely follow this format as I believe it would guide students in goal-setting, planning, managing information and self-monitoring their progress, resulting in strategic, goal-directed learners.  I appreciate that for my first blogging experience, there was a set structure to be followed which allowed me to explore and learn about blogging.  As a result of this solid foundation, I was able to complete future weblog projects (see Typography) successfully.


Bates A. W. & Poole, G. (2003). A Framework for Selecting and Using Technology. In A.W. Bates & G. Poole, Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education (pp. 75-108). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

International Society of Technology for Education. (2008). National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers. Retrieved July 30, 2010 from


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