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Am I an Artist?

COURSE:  ETEC 531 (Elective Course), Cultural and New Media Studies, Course Description


TITLE:  Am I an Artist?


To create an autobiographical representation of my answer to the question, “Am I an Artist?”  To create a reflection of my experiences with the convergence of art and technology in my life.


Although not formally evaluated, this assignment served as an opportunity to practice my media production skills in preparation for the two media productions (inNOvation & Global Culture) that I would be producing as part of the course requirements.  I used Keynote to create my slides and then imported them into iMovie to put the whole production together.  I searched RCRD LBL, a free music download service to select the soundtrack for my production.


Am I an Artist? 


representation & expression & engagement

UDL Guidelines:

  • 1.1 Offer ways of customizing the display of information
  • 1.2 Offer alternatives for auditory information
  • 1.3 Offer alternatives for visual information
  • 5.2 Use multiple tools for construction and composition
  • 5.3 Build fluencies with graduated levels of support for practice and performance
  • 7.1 Optimize individual choice and autonomy

Creating media productions is similar to digital storytelling in that they can be used to tell a story or represent knowledge.  Although media productions may include text, the message is supported by visuals and audio.  Students could create media productions as an alternative to writing a traditional essay or written response.  Teachers could create media productions in order to provide options for perception and comprehension.

representation    |     expression    |     engagement